It all starts with your first project

You are working on a project with your colleagues and need a space to work on all your tasks? Then create your first project and invite people to it.

In this example, we have created the project &RelaunchAcmecorp. You can now invite your colleagues to your project and define standard labels (# tags). For the project &RelaunchAcmecorp, for example, we predefined the labels #offers, #contracts, #orga and #meetings so you can group your tasks by topic.

All project members can choose from the same standard labels - for a better overview of the tasks.


Write your tasks like tweets. Fast.

Write your tasks twitter-style, with # tags, clearcut responsibilities (@ mentions) and project assignments (& mentions).

You can assign each task to one or more projects by adding the project name preceded by & to the task. In this example, the task has been added to the project &RelaunchAcmecorp.

The # tags help you to group tasks by topic. In the example, you see the task "Please return Mr. Richter’s call" with the tags #acquisition and #today because the task has to do with customer acquisition and has to be done today. Using tags helps you to group similar tasks across different projects.

You can assign tasks to others by adding e-mail addresses preceded by @. If you mention more than one person in any given task, the first persion mentioned is responsible for the task. In this example, our colleague Philip is responsible for the task and Philip will receive status updates in his inbox. If one of the people mentioned doesn’t yet have a account, he or she will get an e-mail with a personal invitation to


Who sees what?

If you create a task without adding anyone else to it, then you are responsible for it. Your profile picture is shown beside the task and only you can see the task.

If you want to share your tasks with others, you can do so by adding an e-mail address to your task preceded by @.

In our example, our colleague Philip is responsible for completing the task. Birgit receives information about the task but is not responsible for completing it.

If Philip changes something in his task, e.g. he completes it, then Birgit is also notified via her inbox.

The task is visible for all members of the project &RelaunchAcmecorp because the task is added to this project, but only those explicitly mentioned in a task receive change notifications in their inbox.

This ensures that you only receive change notifications for tasks that are really relevant for you.


Current documents attached to each task

Attach documents in all common formats to your tasks and notes and allow all project members to access those documents (PRO version).


Find what you’re looking for - with full-text search or ‘Advanced Filter Search’

You are looking for some tasks in a particular project - specifically, only those tasks with a certain label?

Beyond the full-text search (PRO version), also allows you to filter your tasks and notes using the ‘Advanced Filter Search’ located above your task list. Just click on the different search criteria in your filter search and compose your individual task list.

In this example, you can see that we filter the task list and only want to see those tasks that belong to the project &RelaunchAcmecorp where Philip is involved. Once you have found the task list you were looking for, you can save it as your personal filter in the filterbar on the left.


Your inbox keeps you up-to-date on the most important changes in your project

Your inbox knows what’s important for you and notifies you on a regular basis.

Someone reschedules or completes a task or hasn’t read it yet? You know about it and can keep an eye on everything without having to juggle e-mails, meeting agendas and minutes, spreadsheets and sticky notes.

Of course, you can also reschedule tasks directly from your inbox.


Forget one-size-fits-all reminders

With, you can adjust all notifications to your personal needs.

Because you are the best judge of how you’d like to receive updates:

  • via desktop notification,
  • via mobile desktop notification,
  • via daily digest e-mail, or
  • as a message in your inbox.

What happened when?

Your activity feed knows it! You can easily see the complete history of every task.

You can see when it was created, who created it, who has edited the task and when it was completed.

Furthermore, we version each text adjustment. Instead of just adding comments to a certain task, you can edit each task in and follow the changes in the activity feed.


You know best how you want to prioritize your tasks

We don’t force you to use a certain method just because we think it’s the right way to prioritize things.

Simply prioritize your tasks with labels that you can define for yourself directly in your task description, however it suits your project best. Use

  • #prio1 - #prio3,
  • #important, #urgent or
  • #today, #tomorrow, #thisweek, #someday

as standard labels for your project. Just as it suits your project best. This is maximum flexibility!


Share your task lists with others

You want to discuss the status of your project with others and they don’t have a account? No problem thanks to websharing.

Just publish single filters for others, even if they don’t use yet. generates a link, which you can copy and send to others. This means that not only you, but everyone else stays updated, whether they use or not. And you save the time that you usually spend writing annoying status e-mails.

And the best thing: The link that you send to others is automatically updated as soon as you update these tasks in


Export important tasks to your calendar

You can export single filters to any calendar that supports iCal format. What this means for you: All important tasks are also shown in your calendar.


E-Mails become tasks allows you and others to send tasks via e-mail to your account.

Simply use the e-mail address that you can find in your settings and you’re ready to get started with your e-mail address!

Of course you can also add responsibilities, labels, projects and due dates to your e-mails.


Keyboard shortcuts put you in the fast lane!

You’ve never been faster! Promise!


Use offline!

You’re currently offline? No problem - just go on working in and all your work is saved in your outbox.

In this example, you see that Birgit is offline and has one task in her outbox that has not yet been synchronized.

As soon as she goes online, this task is synchronized with the server and immediately sent to everyone involved.


The future is in your browser - HTML5

The HTML 5 version allows you to use on all mobile devices!


What our users say

  • keeps me in course, it reminds me of calling my friends and family, to book the laundry room, to make daily exercise (and it makes it fun too). It's the hub in my fast-spinning life.

    Linus Ericsson, Analyst, Developer

  • I've been a user right from the start. Finally, we have a tool that helps us organize all our projects clearly, efficiently and simply. Thanks to the team for always being so quick to implement our suggestions for enhancements to the software.

    Stephie Gerth, Operations Geek

  • As a freelance developer, I have a lot of rolling deadlines. makes sure I've got all deliverables covered and tracked for billing. is an emerald of the internet. Thanks!

    Lavi Yatziv, Freelancer

  • I love! I have a lot of different responsibilities at work and several other projects, and I have to coordinate with a lot of people. It was difficult to keep track of all my tasks, and many times I was missing deadlines because a specific task got buried under a pile of other things.

    Araceli Mendiluce, Program Coordinator and Trainer in Intercultural Education

  • With, I have a perfect overview over all my tasks and the status of all my projects. If for my private life or my job: has definitely improved my organizational work.

    Jana von Dach, Organizations Geek

  • How many todo lists have we already tried? It's countless. But I stuck with this one. The main thing why I love You can write your tasks like tweets!

    Kersten Riechers, Gründer Quäntchen + Glúck

  • Before I had a lot of problems keeping track of all my tasks. It just didn't work. After my colleague showed me, my task management improved immediately. Now I can easily add projects, labels, responsibilities and other information to all my tasks.

    Emir Bozoğlu, Organisation Development Officer